Winter Sports - Zardoz NOTwax Pocket Puck

Zardoz NOTwax Pocket Puck
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The original & best selling pocket sized instant base lube
treatment! Instant-acting pure liquid Teflon base lubricant!
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Simply Wipe and Go! Apply in Seconds right at the mountain!


Zardoz NOTwax is a space-age INSTANT Ski & Snowboard base wax/lubricant. Containing Teflon from DuPont, this non-toxic and non-flammable liquid is super slippery to provide supreme performance no matter where you are on snow.


Whether you are out on the mountains carving the piste, shredding off-piste powder, sliding over rails and fun-boxes in the park or just heading to your local indoor snow-slope, Zardoz will instantly give you the competitive edge!


We've loved this stuff ever since we discovered it over 10 years ago! Having used it extensively in UK snowdomes and abroad you really feel the difference - whether doing high-speed runs, gliding on the flatter areas around resorts (and happily overtaking other boarders who are unstrapping or hopping around to make progress), or keeping bases well lubricated on the slower artificial snow found in indoor snow slopes.


Zardoz can be used on it's own, or in combination with traditional wax on top of a standard hot-waxed base.
Either as a quick and easy last minute wipe on lubricant in any snow conditions, or as an integral part of a high spec race-wax
(Google the 'Zardoz Felix Process' for more info) there are so many positives to using this wax!


The most convenient Ski and Snowboard Base Wax you will ever use!

  • One application will last between 2-3 days depending on snow conditions and how agressively you ride or ski
  • Once the felt applicator is soaked in the liquid, further applications will not require as much new liquid to be added,
    and will be quicker to apply
  • One puck will last around 15 applications, so enough for weeks when abroad!
  • The liquid does not evaporate or dry when applied to the felt applicator or your base
  • Can be applied anywhere, even in the lift on the way up the mountain - no drying time, no polishing or buffing required!
  • No fumes, No mess, No waste
  • Works in any temperature and on all snow conditions
  • The puck is compact, light, and easy to carry on you at all times when out on the mountain
  • The liquid is inert, non-flammable, and non-toxic, and is safe to carry in aircraft hand or hold luggage worldwide
  • Unlike traditional waxes, as the snow conditions get wetter, this wax actually performs better!
  • Much cheaper and more effective than daily rub on solid / paste waxes
  • NOTwax is particularly slippery at low speeds, so it's ideal for snowboarders and Nordic skiers when on the flat
  • NOTwax acts as a rust inhibitor, so will prevent your metal edges from rusting!
  • NOTwax can be used as a lubricant for unsticking binding ratchets and clips,
    & can also be applied to the top of skis/boards to prevent ice buildup
  • NOTwax requires no skill or knowledge to use - just wax and go!
  • Can be used as a quick, no nonsense tune-up, on top of existing wax or on it's own
  • Can be used as part of a more complex traditional hot-wax process
    (Zardoz Felix Method) for the ultimate in racing performance!

  • Open the base of the pocket puck and tip 1/3rd of the liquid onto the felt applicator to soak it with the fluoropolymer liquid.
  • Just wipe over your ski or snowboard base until you see it shine up - INSTANT and ready to go!
  • Screw back up the pocket puck and place it in your pocket or backpack - then get going!


Compatible with all snowboard and ski bases.

This video is of the large workshop kit, but shows just how fast NOTwax is applied!


This pack contains a single Zardoz NOTwax Pocket Puck.


Pack Contents:

  • 1x Zardoz NOTwax Pocket Puck
  • 1x Felt Applicator Pad
  • 1x 15g Bottle of NOTwax Liquid Teflon Base Lube


We sell refill bottles of NOTwax liquid teflon, which come with a replacement applicator pad.
Please see below!

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