GoPro - Mounts - Telescopic Filming Poles - SP POV Pole 19" Telescopic Compact Filming Pole (Black)

SP POV Pole 19"
Telescopic Hand Grip
& Filming Pole
(SPpovPole19) (RRP £29.99)
Easy to use telescopic filming grip handle
and extending pole for all GoPro camera types!
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A robust & super compact filming pole for all GoPro cameras!


SP Gadgets are one of the powerhouses of the GoPro accessories scene, creating high quality affordable accessories for
all GoPro camera types! SP continue to produce new innovative solutions for GoPro filming, as well as improving their existing designs!



The SP POV Pole 19" is at first sight just a chunky gripped filming handle & hand grip for all GoPro cameras.
It is small enough to fit into your jacket or shorts pocket, rucksack, or GoPro camera storage/travel case.
However.... give it a quick twist, and it expands easily from 7 inches / 18cm right up to 19 inches / 48cm!
Absolutely perfect for filming selfies, higher angle viewpoints, or getting closer to the action when filming others!


With a standard GoPro mount at the top end, a rubber hand grip, and a metal wrist strap loop at the other,
this high quality accessory features the same superb build quality and materials you've come to expect from SP gadgets.
Packed with features, this is a perfect GoPro filming pole for all manner of sporting and action packed activities!


The SP POV Pole 19" can be used underwater, and even in salt water (so long as you rinse it with fresh water afterwards).
It comes with a robust adjustable wrist strap, and a metal carabiner for attachment onto rucksacks or other gear when
drying or just when not in use.
You'll only need a standard GoPro long thumbscrew bolt to connect your GoPro outer housing or Frame mount.
We also sell these if you need spares!


This item is also available in Silver colour (see below)


Approximate External Dimensions: (Length x Diameter) 180mm x 30mm


A must-have for any GoPro owner wishing to film more varied camera angles!


  • Comfortable and light, but sturdy grip handle for easy GoPro filming
  • Easy to use telescopic filming pole - lets you get closer to the action
  • Easy twist mechanism to lock and unlock from 7 to 19 inches
  • Direct GoPro mount with 180° adjustment
  • Your GoPro camera can be attached using an existing Thumbscrew
  • Dual diameter EVA grip keeps the pole firmly secured in your hand
  • Pocket sized, easy to store and carry
  • Adjustable wrist strap and carabiner included
  • Can be used in marine/salt water if rinsed after use
  • Compliments your GoPro gear perfectly!
  • Approximate External Dimensions: (Length x Diameter) 180mm x 30mm


Compatible with:

  • All GoPro HERO 960, HD HERO / HERO1, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+, & HERO4 cameras
  • GoPro Outer Housings, Skeleton Housings, Dive Housings & The Frame mount


This pole can be used with any standard camera, using a GoPro to universal camera mount convertor.
(Ask us if you need help!)



Please Note: This item does not include any GoPro cameras or outer housings. These items are shown for illustration only.


This pack contains a single SP POV Pole 19" Telescopic Hand Grip & Filming Pole for all GoPro cameras.
This item is coloured Black (we also stock a Silver version of this pole)



Pack Contents:

  • 1x SP Pov Pole 19"
  • 1x Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • 1x Metal Carabiner


Please Note: GoPro cameras & waterproof housings are shown for illustration only, and are not included in this sale.


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