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  GoPro - Accessories - GoPro HERO3 Macro & Red Close-Up Combo Filter

Polar Pro HERO3
Macro Close-Up & Red Slim Combo Filter
(PPmacroR) RRP £69.99
Easy to fit combo flip open/shut close-up lens
& tropical water colour correction filter for the
GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing.
(NOT COMPATIBLE with the new GoPro HERO3+)
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Bring your underwater filming to life with stunning vibrant colour & razor sharp close-ups!


The GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing is a fantastic bit of kit, but the glass plate is completely clear
so has no fixes for colour balancing. Items close to the lens are often fuzzy and slightly out of focus.


This is hands down the best GoPro Accessory for Scuba Divers. This combo includes a glass red filter,
and a macro lens that can be flipped on or off while filming. It will completely transform what your GoPro
can do under water. You will not only get the best color correction available on the market, you will be able
to capture razor sharp reef and fish close-ups with the macro lens.
This macro lens is considered to be a light powered macro lens for focusing on subjects from 8 to 18 inches away.


This Red Macro Combo snaps onto the waterproof Hero3 housing. Once on, the Macro lens can be swung open or closed.
The macro lens will also lock back into place to stay out of the way while filming.
The combo has a glass red filter for professional grade optics as well as a macro lens for razor sharp close-ups.


This red filter is designed for colour correction in blue or tropical water. Simply pop the filter on around 10 feet below the
surface and be amazed. The GoPro’s automatic white balance has trouble with red light loss - this red filter compensates
for red light loss allowing you to capture those vibrant reef colours. So pick up a premium Macro / Red Combo Filter before
your next dive and show your friends how vibrant those bright reef colours were!
(For green/freshwater, you should take a look at the Magenta Glass Filters below)


Simply swing the macro lens over the front of the filter when you wish to film close-up objects.
You will want to use your red filter when filming at depths of 10 to 80 feet.
Above 10 feet of water there is still plenty of red light so you will not need a filter.


This snap-on filter is absolutely perfect for those who mix shallow and deep diving. You can simply pop the lens filter
on and off depending on the water conditions at the time, which is not possible with other filters that are installed inside the
lens housing. This also means you don't need any tools to fit the lens, and no modification of your Waterproof Housing is required!


Compatible only with GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing.
NOT COMPATIBLE with the new GoPro HERO3+ smaller Housing.
NOT COMPATIBLE with GoPro HERO, HERO2, Original Outer Housing with bubble lens, or the HERO2 'Dive' Housing.

  • Red Filter Corrects Colours when filming underwater with your GoPro HERO3 Camera
  • Macro Lens Designed specifically for giving sharp close-ups with GoPro HERO3 Optics
  • Colour Corrects Video Footage and Photos in Blue & Tropical Water
  • Easy fit to the Official GoPro HERO3 Housing - just clip on, no tools required
  • A Non-Permanent filter, can be removed when not required - even while still underwater!
  • Recommended when filming in tropical / blue sea water, at depths of 10 to 80 feet
  • Razor Sharp Glass Optics
  • Extremely Scratch Resistant Glass
  • Comes complete with storage bag and filter tether
  • 100% Authentic Polar Pro Quality Product


Compatible with:
Official GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing
(GoPro HERO3 Cameras ONLY)



  • New HERO3+ cameras or smaller 'Slim' Housing
  • HERO2 cameras or housings
  • HERO(1) Original cameras or housings
  • GoPro Original 'Flat Lens / Dive' Housing for HERO1 & HERO2

Please see our full range of GoPro filters for older HERO cameras

To install the filter, you won't need any tools.
Simply take the filter from the storage bag, attach the
tether to your GoPro HERO3 Housing base, and clip onto
the front of the HERO3 Housing lens area.
To remove, simply unclip!


Simply pop the filter on when below 10 feet, and pop it back off again when filming above 10 feet in the shallows!

Compatible with:
  • GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing (AHDRH-300)
  • GoPro HERO3 BacPac Compatible Housing (AHDRH-301)


Not compatible with HERO 'Original' or HERO2 cameras.
Not compatible with HERO3+ cameras or the smaller 'Slim' HERO3+ Housing
Please see our complete range of filters for older HERO camera series.

Installation and information video:


Information & Installation video:


Comparison video of footage with / without Polar Pro Red Glass Filter:


Compatible only with GoPro HERO3 'Waterproof Housing'. NOT COMPATIBLE with the new GoPro HERO3+ Housing.

This pack contains a single Polar Pro Premium Macro Close-Up & Red Glass Combo Snap-On Filter for installation on the Official GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing.


Pack Contents:

  • 1x Polar Pro Macro Close-Up & Glass Combo Filter (Red)
  • 1x Filter Tether Cord
  • 1x Polar Pro Storage Bag


This pack does not contain any GoPro HERO3 Waterproof Housing (pictured simply for illustration)
You will need this housing to use this filter.
You should have an existing HERO3 Waterproof Housing, that was supplied with your HERO3 camera.


Compatible only with GoPro HERO3 'Waterproof Housing'. NOT COMPATIBLE with any HERO, HERO2, or HERO3+ housings.


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