Cycling - Park Tool Super Patch Kits x4

Park Tool
Super Patch Kits x4
(24x Puncture
Repair Patches!)
Self-adhesive repair patches ideal for nearly
instant fixing of punctures!
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The most convenient puncture repairs ever!


Punctures are a nightmare! But these self-adhesive puncture repair patches are a lifesaver!


Never before has fixing punctures when you're out and about been so easy!
No more messing with chalk or tubes of sticky glue in bulky packaging!



  • Locate the puncture on the tube using a bit of water from a water bottle or some saliva (when you see it bubble, that's it!)
  • Lightly scuff the tube with the included sandpaper patch
  • Peel off the backing from one of the ready-to-use patches, and hold it on firm for a minute or so
  • Re-inflate the tyre and get on with your day!


Each tiny little waterproof carry case contains six self-adhesive patches and weighs absolutely nothing.
The patches have been developed with 3M, so you get a flexible but sturdy repair in seconds.
You will be back on your bike in only a few minutes as there is no waiting for glue to dry.
Useful no matter whether you are heading downhill, on road, commuting or just general leisure cycling.


A must for any cyclist - your lightweight and tiny trail friend!

  • Park Tool GP-2 Patch Kit packs x4 (bulk buy!)
  • Each pack contains 6x puncture repair patches - so 24x repairs in total with this item.
  • Incredibly light and take up no room in your cycle gear
  • Pre-glued patches make on-the-trail puncture repairs simple
  • No more faffing with tubes of leaking glue, chalk dust or oversized rubber puncture repair kits
  • Free postage within the UK.

Tech Info
  • Glue patches developed with 3M for robust adhesion
  • Patches designed for ultimate flexibilty - allow you to get right back on the road in seconds
  • Mess free, leak free, puncture repair solution
  • Super compact in handy carry case


Flexibility all round
  • Enough puncture repair patches to fix 24x punctures
  • Go out and enjoy your ride! This is the ideal tyre mini first-aid kit!

The footage below was filmed exclusively on GoPro HD HERO2 cameras

The pack contains four Park Tool Super Patch Kits (GP-2) in individual carry cases.


Pack Contents:

  • 4x Park Tool GP-2 Super Patch Kits
  • Each of the packs above contain puncture repair patches, instructions and a sandpaper patch
  • So a total of 24x puncture repair patches, within this bulk-buy.


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