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HangTime USA
Snowboard Wall
Mount (Yellow)
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A fantastic sleek, minimal & hassle free
snowboard storage & display solution!
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The most convenient and hassle-free snowboard wall mounting system you will find!


Like so many other snowboarders, you probably have one or more snowboards propped up behind a door,
leaning against the end of some shelves or a wardrobe, falling out of a cupboard whenever you open the door,
shoved under the nearest bed or generally getting in the way collecting dust!


Why not make a feature of your pride and joy, by having it attractively mounted on show, right up on your wall?


We've been supplying HangTimeUSA Snowboard Wall Mounts to snowboarding shops, cool sports bars, snowboarding
venues and keen boarders themselves, all who have been searching for a way to mount their snowboards in view, but be
easily able to access them whenever needed!


  • Mounts look classy and sleek and really make a show of your board design first and foremost
  • They hold your snowboard securely on the wall, even if you leave the bindings on!
  • You can remove and insert your board into the mount without any fear of scratching the topsheet or base
  • These mounts are subtle, minimal and don't look like sets of shelf supports holding the board in place!
  • Yes! You can mount your snowboards horizontally, vertically, or even at diagonal angles!
  • Quickly and easily remove your board, so you can still use it at the drop of a hat, with no hassles


Hangtime mounts are made from a really solid but smooth plastic moulded construction,so are strong, but won't scratch
your board or base unlike some perspex or metal mounts.

The contact areas for the board edges are padded with grippy rubber pads, and the fantastic design feature is that the ball ends
where these are located actually rotate - meaning you can mount the board at pretty much any angle you desire!



Approximate external dimensions per mount part: (Length x Diameter) 10.5cm x 3.8cm


HangTimeUSA have been producing high quality affordable mounting accessories for skateboarding and snowboarding
for many years. We love their slick no-hassle designs and superb build quality!


We now offer a wide range of colours, so you can match the mounts to the graphic design on your topsheet:



Do your snowboard a favour, get it up on the wall !


  • Convenient and hassle-free snowboard wall mounting system
  • Holds snowboard securely on a wall, even with bindings attached
  • Quickly and easily attach or remove your board
  • Prevents accidental board damage during storage
  • Mounts look classy, sleek and minimal
  • Mount boards horizontally, vertically, or on a diagonal!
  • Robust and smooth plastic finish, rubber gripping areas
  • Choose a colour that matches your board design
  • Solid mounting hardware for a variety of walls
Please Note: This item does not include any snowboards. These items are shown for illustration only.


Your pack will contain a pair of HangTimeUSA Snowboard Wall Mount brackets.
(Coloured yellow)



Pack Contents:

  • 2x HangTimeUSA Snowboard Wall Mount brackets
    (2 required to hang a single snowboard)
  • Fitting screws and helicoil screws for stud walls
  • Fitting instructions


Please Note: Snowboards are shown for illustration only, and are not included in this sale.


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