GoPro - Spare Parts - GoPro Hinges & Bolts Set

GoPro Extra Hinges and Bolts Set
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Brand New replacement, spare, or extra Mounting Hinges and Thumb Bolts. These parts fit all Official GoPro mounts and Outer Housing types.
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Keep expanding your mounting options with this set of hinges and bolts!


The GoPro HERO range has a wide range of various mounting options.
Eventually though you are bound to find that your filming angle could do with being just that little bit further away,
or needs to just get past that annoying bit of rollbar, bolt-head, or brake lever!


Using this hinges set, you can add more distance between the GoPro camera's outer housing
and the current mount you have it connected to.


When combined, these hinges can also add another two rotation points to whatever existing mount
you have, so 3 axes of rotation when combined with a standard head mount, tripod adaptor, or surf mount,
and many more when combined with the mounting sets that already have some hinge sections supplied!


You can use just one of the hinges to add a 90-degree orientation to the camera on your mount (useful for filming
sideways, or for mounts attached to the sides of cars and bikes), or use both to simply extend the total pivot arm
assembly on your mount.


Note: you will need an existing LONG Thumb Knob to connect this assembly to your GoPro HERO's outer housing
Unfortunately these Thumb Knobs cannot be used as replacements for the one directly underneath the GoPro's
outer housing. The final connection needs to be made with a LONG Thumb Knob - these are SHORT Thumb Knobs.
(We do of course sell LONG Thumb Knobs if you do not have one available - see our Spare Parts section)


The Hinges and Thumb Knobs are made from tough polycarbonate, designed to take its fair share of knocks and scrapes.
The Bolts and end Nuts are made from stainless steel.

  • 100% Brand New GoPro manufactured components
  • Compatible with all GoPro mounting kits and outer housings
  • High Quality stainless steel hardware
  • Easy fit - no tools required
Compatible with all GoPro HD HERO "Original" and GoPro HD HERO2 "Professional" mounting systems!

  • Tough polycarbonate plastic Thumb Knobs and Hinges
    (as used in all GoPro mounts)
  • High Quality Stainless Steel hardware
    (as used in all GoPro mounting bolt sets)
Compatible with all GoPro HD HERO "Original" & GoPro HD HERO2 "Professional" mounting kits

The footage below was filmed exclusively on GoPro HD HERO2 cameras

This pack contains a single set of two Hinges and two Short Thumb Knobs and Bolts.
Fitting is easy, simply assemble by hand onto existing mounts or onto the base of your waterproof Outer Housing
or open Skeleton Housing (a Long Thumb Knob is recommended for this - not included in this pack).
This is a resealable pack, so it's easy for you to carry these parts as spares / extras when out in the field.


Pack Contents (supplied as individual components):

  • 1x Long Quarter-turn Hinge section, complete with Stainless Steel Nut ready fitted
  • 1x Short Quarter-turn Hinge section, complete with Stainless Seel Nut ready fitted
  • 2x SHORT Thumbscrews with Stainless Steel Bolts


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