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Official GoPro HERO Anti-Fog Inserts
(AHDAF-001) RRP £17.99
3x pairs of Reusable Anti-Fog Inserts for use in any GoPro HD 960, HD HERO or HD HERO 2 outer housing.
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PREVENT lens fogging & the buildup of moisture inside your GoPro HD HERO!


The GoPro HD HERO is a fantastic bit of kit, but even when not being used underwater, the inside of the
waterproof housing can begin to fog up - especially in humid environments or when filming in cold temperatures.


This is perfectly normal (all electronics give off a small amount of heat), especially when in an air-tight and
sealed small space. However this can really wreck your footage - everything from a subtle blur over the entire image
to completely 'fogged out' blobs on the image.


When filming the action, make sure you're getting the clearest possible footage!


Make sure you don't suffer from this by popping two of these official GoPro HD HERO Anti-Fog Inserts
into the recesses on each side of the outer housing! They work incredibly well, and can even be re-used!
We always use these strips whenever we're filming, be it out on the water or up in the mountains!


Each pair of inserts can be used around four or five times initially.
After this point they can then be dried out in the oven for a few minutes ready to be used again!
You get great value and performance from this little accessory! The 3 pairs here are shipped in the
original factory packaging, which contains a resealable storage bag containing silica gel and a
humidity monitor, so you can be sure your inserts are 100% dry and moisture free.

  • Guarantees you the clearest possible footage & photos from your camera.
  • Prevents fogging, blurring, and moisture droplet buildup.
  • Each pair lasts 4-5 uses and can be dried in an oven and used again.
  • Great value - 3 pairs of inserts, re-sealable storage bag & humidity sensor included!
  • 100% Official GoPro product, from UK supplier.
Compatible with all GoPro cameras, including HD HERO 960, HD HERO "Original" & GoPro HD HERO2 "Professional" !

  • 100% Official GoPro absorbent foam inserts


  • Re-sealable storage bag includes humidity sensor
  • To dry and reuse: heat inserts on a pan in the oven at 150°C for just 5 minutes
Compatible with the following housings:
  • GoPro Replacement HD Housing (AHDRH-001)
  • GoPro HD Skeleton Housing (AHDSH-001)
  • GoPro Wrist Housing (AHDWH-001)
  • GoPro Dive Housing (AFLTH-001)
  • GoPro 3D HERO System (AHD3D-001)

The footage below was filmed exclusively on GoPro HD HERO2 cameras

The pack contains a re-sealable storage bag to keep your Anti-Fog Inserts humidity free,
even when out in the field! Inside this you will find the Inserts, and a Humidity Sensor


Pack Contents:

  • 1x Re-sealable Storage Bag
  • 3x pairs of Official GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts (6 Inserts in total)
  • 1x Humidity Sensor


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