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GoPole LensPen
Mini / Pocket
Lens Cleaner Pen
(GoPoleLensPen) (RRP £14.99)
Superb handy compact lens cleaner
in a pocket-sized pen!
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Your handy lens cleaner in a pocket-sized pen!


Getting rid of those annoying finger marks on your GoPro lens has never been easier with the GoPole Lenspen!


It's likely within a day of filming a lot of dirt, dust and finger prints will make contact with the GoPro lens.
There's nothing worse than checking out videos later to find they lack clarity because the lens ended up dirty.


The GoPole Lenspen is an all-in-one cleaning tool, packed into a lightweight but robust pen case!


At one end under the pen cap you'll find the flexible chamois cleaning tip for use removing fingerprints, dust and blemishes.
The cleaning tip contains an invisible carbon based cleaning compound, to leave your lens sparkling for over 500 uses.
At the other you'll find a retractable ultra-fine soft cleaning brush to wipe away remaining dirt particles and debris.


Once you're done, the Lenspen has a pocket clip like a traditional pen, allowing you to clip it securely in a pocket
or backpack no matter how varied your adventure gets!


This superb accessory has the following features:


  • Easy to carry and store (small and lightweight)
  • Just whip out and clean your lens when you need
  • Clearer lens = Clearer footage!
  • Far less hassle than trying to keep a soft cloth clean and to hand
  • Small cleaning tips allow you to get right inside the GoPro housing for cleaning out dust and moisture
  • Flexible chamois cleaning tip impregnated with an invisible carbon based cleaning compound
  • Retractable ultra-fine soft cleaning brush to remove debris and particles
  • 100% compatible with all GoPro HERO Cameras.


  • Dimensions: 3.54" x 0.5" x 0.5"
  • Weight: under 10g!
  • Materials: Plastic, Chamois Cleaning Tip, Ultra Soft Natural Brush
  • Model Number: GPLP-18
  • EAN Barcode: 633090306341
Compatible with:
  • All GoPro camera types & housings
  • HERO4 Session, HERO5, HERO6, HERO7,
  • other action cameras and still cameras.


Please Note: This pack does not include any GoPro cameras or housings. They are shown above for illustration only.

Installation Instructions
Compatible with:
  • Compatibility List


Please Note: This case does not include any GoPro cameras or accessories. They are shown above for illustration only.

Here's Polar Pro's offical how-to video on fitting Dive Housing Filters:

Standard Black SP POV Elite Case product review, from our friend Ifty:

GoPro camera and accessories are shown inside the case for illustration only, and are not included in this sale


What's different about the 'Surf' Design?
The Surf design case is similar to the one shown in the video above. However the outer is a fantastic canvas effect finish,
printed with blue and dark grey waves rather than having the embossed SP logo effect. The badges and zip rather than being
rubber or metal are a great looking wood effect - a much better styling for hitting the beach!
Inside, rather than being plain black, the blue and grey theme continues - overall a really fantastic looking GoPro case.


SP Gadgets Indo Surf Trip:

This pack contains a single GoPole LensPen for all GoPro cameras.


Pack Contents:

  • 1x GoPole LensPen for all GoPro cameras


Please Note: This item does not include any GoPro cameras or outer housings.
They are shown above for illustration only.


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